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Fish of the Day…so far

This showed up in my inbox…


Oh no!  Says I… a speeding ticket…it says!

Wait, says I… it’s for freaking New York…  Time to break it down…


Ok first the top, not State Seal or nothing…States pay a lot of money for their seal…  It’s on freaking everything…

Hmmmm…there must be more…


NYS V AND T LAW – I assume, and it’s a big ASS U ME, that this is supposed to stand for New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law….

SPEED OVER 55 ZONE?  Say what?  This is like too plain English for a state agency to spit out.  I mean, something like…  wait….  don’t want to give the bad guys here too many hints.  They are pretty freaking ignorant but…

TO PLEAD….PO BOX… <- what?  Like this goes to the county clerk and no self respecting clerk would ever allow such an incomplete or partial address…


It seems that the IOP (idiots of phish) must be running out of translators and seem to think that by simply mass mailing this sheeet that some unsuspecting soul will click on the attachment…  That will be one of two people…

a) Some frightened soul that lives in fear of the gov’ment and gov’ment reprisal

b) Some “guilty” so and so who really did speed in a 55 mph zone in a photo radar state

c) all of the above…

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