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The Type Shifting Dilemma…

The Setting:

It’s 4:45pm and a single word in a document needs to be changed.  You’ve put it off because it was only a minor change.  Now the deadline is 5:00pm and you’ve double clicked on the link and you’re presented with:


A quick scan of the document and everything looks fine so you click on Enable Editing.


The page shifts… Nothing looks right anymore.

Quick… just a couple of minutes have gone by, you call the originator of the document.

The call goes something like this…

The Call…

“Hey, Sam, what’s the deal with this document?  The formatting is all messed up.”

Sam replies “not sure what you’re talking about, it looks fine here…”

You can even walk over to Sam’s machine to check it out.  Even have them open the email link just like you did and click on “Enable Editing” as well.

The Light Bulb

Comes on… It must be the font.  Yet, the font in the window is the right font…


At this point, do yourself a favor…  open and scroll through the available list of fonts.  Even if it shows in this window, it probably is not on the machine.

Symptoms to look for

The format changes just a little bit.  Maybe it is a page break or alignment.


1st you can install the missing font:

In Windows 7 – open the font location
  1. Click the start button
  2. Type ‘Fonts’ in the search box
  3. Double click the fonts folder to open it and you get:
  4. image
  5. Drag and drop the missing font here

In other versions of windows, Fonts are access through the control panel.  You can get there from the Control Panel in Windows 7 too but I like the quick search feature myself.  I believe the same process will work in Vista but not sure.

If you want to know what font Windows was substituting?

  1. Open up the back stage view by clicking on the File Tab
  2. Click on Options
  3. Click on Advanced

Scroll down n the selections until you find:


Click on Font Substitution and you see what fonts in your document are being substituted and with what font….


It may be the default font or Word may try for a better match.

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