Daily Rant

Phishing is so…

Are we really so desperate?  I mean come on people…

Male insecurity…

First, if you are a Gentleman there are…


I really don’t think they meant ESP but really meant ESPN (other news channels followed but I liked “ESP”).

Well, if it has gotten larger, you need to make sure it’s usable right? 


Little blue pill to the rescue.

Mystery package at my door…

Now, we’ll take a look at the something for nothing category…


Courier, Parcel, Post, Global Express…whatever.  Really?  In todays tech world where Fedex and UPS provide you with all sorts of data on their sites…  I mean, if you didn’t order nothing, then why would you be getting something?

Now on to travel…oh the places to go

I’ve been to the Westin Diplomat Resort and Spa but I don’t remember…


but I must have had a really good time and lost my credit card…

I didn’t know Mc Donalds had a credit division called Mc Manager…


Must have been when I lost my wallet after the good time at the Westin…

But wait… more money…great I can pay off the charges run up on my lost card…


Huh?  I gots ta pay for this?  Smells like rotten fish…

Seeing as I’m going fishing, I might as well got to Maui


See, I even get a refund.

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