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Almost Got Me…

I was poised to click….

It looked ok at first glance and the message was pretty well written…

But Wait!

Where’s the official logo stuff and where did that email address come from?


Again, the CYA approach is to log into linked in directly (not clicking on any link in this email) to verify the validity of this claim.

Looking a little closer, you see that they did get some things right…

The fake header




The real thing:

Font and colors look pretty good…

The fake footer;



the real mccoy


Again, pretty good but the footer is not as good as the header.

The clincher?  Why send one note when two will be better?

The second note…


Both look pretty good and the link at the bottom is the same.  The “Follow this link” on both notes is different and probably the link that does something evil to you or your computer. 

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