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SharePoint 2010 The Sites

Site Types? Why so many?

This is the first of several blogs going over SharePoint 2010 Sites.  One of the first things I’ve found about SP is that it is huge with many options.  Is that just a SharePoint thing or not?  Well, if you tried to employ any of the framework apps, you’ve found out that SharePoint isn’t alone here.  What is exceptional is its integration with other Microsoft tools and applications.

So, yes the makers at Microsoft are not to be out done and yes, they created a lot of site templates to start with.  Oh, you can also customize and make your own templates.  In fact, that’s probably where you will eventually end up unless you work for Microsoft and are demoing the the stuff.

Ok, so what are they you ask?

Well, first lets look across the top at the categories.

You’ve got your:

  • Blank and Custom Sites
  • Collaboration Sites
  • Content Sites
  • Data Sites
  • Meeting Sites
  • Search Sites
  • Web Database Sites

Sounds like a bunch of stuff but, it seems to me that a lot of it is just saying the same thing, in different ways.  In fact, some of the categories share the same templates.

I suppose the categories are such that they speak to different folks for different reasons.  I may choose the Enterprise Wiki from Collaboration Sites but someone else may choose from it from the Content site.  Confused yet?  Don’t worry it will be a while before I get to Publishing sites…in fact, it will be a while before I get to sites in detail.  This is an overview and I’ll keep it at around 30,000 feet.

Blank and Custom Sites

There are two subcategories here, Blank and Personalization Site.


Pretty Cool huh?

A blank site is available on any version of SharePoint.  I know, why even make that statement?  Kinda a no-duh movement you say?  Consistency folks.  That’s all.  I will be talking about the three versions and what sites are available.  Three Versions?  Ok, for those new to SharePoint 2010 they are: Foundation (Free), Standard (costs some money) and Enterprise (the most expensive version). 

For many sites and needs, Foundation will suite the situation just fine.  I guess there really is a fourth version that comes with Office – 365 but that is outside of the scope of this document.

Ok, so what exactly happens when you create a blank site?

Creating a blank site

Now, I know that this was an exiting video.  As you can see from the final shot, you have a site with three locations (Libraries, Lists and Discussions) and that’s it.  It’s ready to be set up and configured however you wish.

At this time, we’re going to skip the Personalization site…more on that later.

The next blog snack will go into Collaboration Sites.

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