SharePoint 2010, User Profile Synchronization and Forefront Services… Chapter 2

In the aftermath:

To continue the story, see Chapter 1 for the lead in, last night Windows updates were applied and the whole server environment restarted.  As a result all the errors except the User Profile Synchronization/Service has been resolved.  An interesting note is the ASP.NET Expired Sessions error is still showing but on the data server, the job exists, is named correctly and is running without issue.  It may have something to do with the change of networks, etc.  and may require adding a static path to the box because it may be able to find the server.

So, truly this blog is going to focus on UPS.  Yesterday, I wasn’t so sure…

The Current Errors:

  • Verify that the critical User Profile Application and User Profile Proxy Application timer jobs are available and have not been mistakenly deleted.
  1. A required timer job for a User Profile Application or User Profile Application Proxy is missing.
  2. The repair action will recreate missing timer jobs required for the User Profile Application or User Profile Application Proxy.

Microsoft send you to the following link.

Did those steps and nothing was resolved.   This is because a non-functioning UPS service never completely deleted.  It took restarting the server to resolve.  Now when I return back to Central Admin, the error above is gone.


Skipping Expired Sessions for now, addressing User Profile Synchronization Issues

  1. Go through and verify that the Farm Account is set up correctly
  2. Make sure that it has local permissions on the server so it can start and run the forefront serfvices
  3. Stop and Restart the Time Service. 

Since that didn’t effect all the changes, went into the error log, found that there were a lot of DCOM errors…

My First Clue?


Digging a little deeper?


Hundreds of these errors…


Note the CLSID and the user account…

Regedit search returns…


A quick trip into Component Services… tracing down the DCOM list to WAMREG… my farm account did not exist.  I added it and gave it full rights. 


The Remote Launch and Activation are probably overkill but at this point…I can always scale it back.  Back to powershell…


Ok, still no love from the server.  But with luck there should be a new error…nope but still more stuff to check.


You will probably get sick of updating the properties of the Forefront identity services but until this is resolved (permissions) they will keep switching to disabled.

  • Expired sessions are not being deleted from the ASP.NET Session State database.
  1. If expired sessions are not deleted, the server that hosts the ASP.NET Session State database may run out of disk space and the SharePoint farm may cease to function.
  2. Connect to the server that hosts the ASP.NET Session State database, start the SQL Server Agent service, and verify that a DeleteExpiredSessions job is registered for the database. If you are using SQL Server Express, the SQL Server Agent service is not available.

I set up the job On SQL and verified that runs on the server as an unattended job.  My suspicion is that there may be a permission issue between SharePoint and SQL.   So first it’s off to SQL to check logs…

Nothing.  The SQL Server is happy and running just fine.

Time to stop here and wait for another reboot.  Hopefully the additional changes will fix the outstanding issues.

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