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Boy! Am I popular! Free Money! Linked In Friends

Well, maybe…  or could it be another slew of phishing attempts? 

Gee, I really could use a few extra bucks, you know?   Hey, maybe the eMail fairy has sent something.



How did they know I needed $1500? 

Really?  Click this link and you’ll probably be asked to provide you bank account information.  By tomorrow, that $1500 you were expecting never materialized and in fact, your whole bank account is wiped out!

I have a new co-worker! 

And they want to connect via LinkedIn!


You know, it’s great that my Co-Worker Vaughn wants to be friends!  Really!  That is if a person named Vaughn worked for my company.  Besides having no Vaughn past or present, the copyright is for 2010 and that is like a couple of years ago.  Either LinkedIn is slipping or this is BOGUS.  You know my vote: BOGUS!

What’s fun is to take a look down Junk Mail lane…

Reach Your Peak Performance

Gain size while you sleep!

Some Canadian Pharmacy has:


Now back to LinkedIn


They couldn’t even get the copyright symbol correct on this one…and lastly?


My classmate.  I may have known a Griffin and certainly a Trevino but not a Griffin Trevino. 

Make it stop…

Make it stop…

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