Friday Follies aka Junk (ph)Fishing…

Been a couple more rounds of phishing for your data going on.  Wait!  What?  This happens all the freaking time. 

Todays episode is being brought to you by Jet Blast!  The only blower guaranteed to clear your driveway from 100 yards away, blow small pets and children down the street and remove ugly toupees… permanently.

Ok, the USPS is having a tough time.  Nobody is mailing anything.  Why the criminals think this is a good idea has me wondering.

Maybe the small amount gives you that warm fuzzy feeling that it’s legit?  Yes?  No?

Ok, first we have this stellar piece of eMail:


Now, there are four apparent links in this hear message.  Lets take a close look:

First for USPS we get:


For Shipping History the link is…


Suffice it to say, all the links in this email go to dogmasoftwareDOTcom. Followed by “hy6k…”.  Really?   So I checked…


Even a wide open internet search, none of these links point to DOGMASOFTWARE…

Then there’s this…


Al’s email links go to:


Edmond’s goes to


Wendy likes FTP


Then again, so does Chance


I especially liked the verbiage on the next one.   It reminds of the days or receiving “Dearly Beloved” eMails asking for help in moving millions of dollars from some foreign country…with a time limit and only needed some seed money to get it started.

It is my pleasure to have this opportunity to offer you a business transaction, which will yield high dividends for both of us.. The following is a brief overview on what the offer entails.. This offer entails you to stand as a supplier of a certain product to my company. I will secure a supply contract deal for you as our supplier of the product.This product is currently being sold by the manufacturer at a very low price and can be sold to my company at a much higher price.(The margin is over 90%) , getting my company to purchase the product at your fixed price is not a problem, my company is in need of this product. Basically what you are doing is to purchase this product at a relatively low price and sell it to my company at a marked up price, it is a legal transaction and I need you to partner with me on this project.please indicate your phone number in your reply

Best regards

Lennie Grant


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Originally, this was a pretty darn boring post. Kinda like... Well I won't go there. Perhaps its still on the robotic side but... I could say I like music. Safe, generic and non-comittal. Or, I could say that I've been having a blast tuning up my old guitars, getting blisters on my fingers and turning the amp up past 2. Amazaing what a little overdrive and a half pressed wahwah pedal can do for a sound. Get that cool "Money for Nothin" vibe happening. I get a real kick out of reading old Sci Fi. Reading Asimov's vision about the future is really entertaining now. When he wrote much of the material, the items that were futuristic were day to day tools I used in the early part of my career. Microfiche and the like. I also remember that upstart Microsoft and MS DOS...and can you say Lotus 123? So maybe this is a little better than "I like to read and play music". My career is focused on Team Leadership and Technology. Both share the attributes of continual growth and education. Currently, I manage a team of 4 programmers as direct reports. I've been in this role since 08/2007. Prior to that, I was the team lead (on site) for integration with the customer. Customers ranged from local government to manufacturing and medical. Teams ranged in size from one to six additional team members. On the other side is technology. I've been keeping current with .net technologies focusing on C# and Sharepoint (2007/2010). Specialties Team Building and Management Technical Staff Recruiting Microsoft Visual Studio 7 through 2010 (VB.NET and C#.NET) Microsoft SQL Server 6.5-2008R2 (DTS, TSQL, SSIS, SSAS, and SSRS ) SharePoint 2010 (Office Integration, InfoPath, Site Management and planning) Windows Server 2008 R2 AD DS PowerShell Techology analysis Puchasng and working with vendors Microsoft licensing management and compliance Business Systems Analysis Traning plans Mentoring Training coordination.

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