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Hyper diligence needed…

Or is it vigilance?

Possibly due diligence, n’est-ce pas?  And my English spell checker chokes on French!  Merde!  Yup, chokes…

I’ve been a bit distracted trying to keep up with foo bar and fo fum and almost got snagged by a LinkedIn skimmer or ten.  They kept showing up in the old inbox and damn if I didn’t jump up and go to LinkedIn to check it out. 

So we’re back to that…

I’m alright…

Queue the theme song from the movie “Caddy Shack” by Kenny Loggins

Enough!  It’s like when you show up at the gym and haven’t a clue what to do next.  Sure, getting through stretches is pretty easy.  Not a lot of thinking there but what to do next?

Status is what status does…

What does that mean?

It means that by next week it will be time to get back on track with Certification prep, Microsoft Virtual Academy, the SharePoint 101 conundrum and other such items.

Windows 8 the movie…

Testing out and trying Windows 8 Server Beta has been taking up a lot of time.  Pretty darn cool product but writing about it will have to wait for the release.

So, just a quick note with a promise of more technical depth soon!

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