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SharePoint Certification 70-667… Step 3 Clinic 10279


So, here we are at step 3.  Tell the truth, I went through a few of the videos, spot checked my knowledge… and decided that since the test I’m targeting is IT based, I can circle back to the dev side later.  DevOps… you’ve got to love it.

Since 10279 is eLearning and Free, that sounds like the right one to go with.  You can never install SharePoint enough times.  Smile

Lets see if I have better luck with the eLearning than I had with the labs…

It’s starting out better, it’s downloading and will play locally.  Already miles ahead of the lab.


So far so good.

Next the obligatory Sales stuff but since this will probably be on the test, knowing that SharePoint is composed of Components is a good thing.  You’ve got your Sites, Communities, Content, Search, Insights, and Composites.  There’s even something call SharePoint Pillars <<come on, you heard the big announcer voice in your head too, with the full on reverb>> that state that SharePoint:

Connects and empowers people, cuts costs an leverages a unified infrastructure and rapidly responds to business needs.

Whoa!  That is a lot…  Having used the beast for a while now, it does do all of those things.  Just make sure you put some quality time in and have a team to help out.  Trust me, having a copy installed on a Windows 7 desktop so you can develop some wicked web parts does not a SharePoint guru make.


What do you need to run SharePoint?  In the course ware you’ll see something like this:


What’s kind of key here?

If you don’t have a 64bit server just fah-get-it!  Yup, SharePoint 2010 will only work on a 64bit box with some internals.

First You are going to want a SQL Server (64 bit) on a different server (Maybe same physical box and Hyper-V?) and a WFE (Web Front End) box running Windows Server 2008 R2 (64 bit) with SP 2. 

SQL Versions? 2005 64 bit SP 3 with CU3, 2008 64 bit with sp1 can CU2 or 2008 RS 64 bit.

Confusing?  Latest version running 64 bit to be safe.

NOTE:  The training doesn’t mention it but be sure to be running at least 16g of ram and at least 260 gb hd and plan your storage well.  SharePoint wants a large amount of free hard drive space to lay down a dump in case of a failure.  If you don’t have enough space, the Health and Well being report will be very very red!

For the most part, SharePoint works with most of the major web browsers.

NOTESmile with tongue out:  This will come back to bite you with multi-file uploads.  Certain parts of SharePoint only work with IE.  With another browser, you will not see the link.  So, if you think you should be able to do something and that thing is reasonable and you’re not using IE, try IE and see what happens…here’s the snippet from the material


The next thing they go on about is the SAA or Service Application Architecture.  What this really means is that you can split this stuff up.

If you are maintaining SharePoint Central Admin and PowerShell will be very dear friends.  Stuff like setting up backup schedules takes PowerShell but to do a targeted granular backup is easier through the browser application.

Fluent UI or Ribbon Interface –> terms to know and love.  They mean the same thing and exist across the Office Platform.  You know, the one inch +/- depending on your monitor size, etc. strip at the top of the screen?  Yes, that’s the Fluent UI.  Since it is such a prominent feature, probably good to have a working def. for the one multiple guess choice question on it.

The fluent UI shows up twice in the “What’s new in SharePoint 2010…” fundamental section.  So, there probably WILL be a question.


Another area that is brought out is the new and enhanced monitoring available the admin site.  Turning on the developer dashboard helps to diagnose page load issues and such.

Administration the Movie

The movie is all about how the administration functionality has been categorized by function areas from application management to configuration wizards.  Again the Fluent UI plays a big role in the administration functions.  Plus the new status bar that goes across the top just below the Fluent UI that brings attention to issues within SharePoint.

Administration the Tile Game

A series of tiles with true answers on one side and false on the other…


Click and they Flip…


And pick the correct answer…

I love tricky question like this…first they ask for a negative and the correct answer is “No, all of the above work…”



Next up, part two of Step 3… SharePoint 2010 User Interface and stuff…

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  1. travis
    August 15, 2015 at 6:16 AM

    Great Article. Thanks for the info. Does anyone know where I can find a blank form MN GAC 11-U?

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