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Walking through Installing PowerPivot Add-In–Quick Snack

I built a data vault.  Maybe I should empower folks to get some benefit from it?  Got this little narrow table.  It goes pretty deep (39,759,718 records so far).  Figure the PowerPivot tool set would be a good way to share the wealth.


First I went here: PowerPivot Add-in

Then scrolled to the bottom and downloaded the 64bit install.


While there is a “Run” option when you click the link, personally, I prefer the download method.  It’s only 121 mb so not too bad.

So it’s loaded and ready, I checked off the pre-reqs..


Went through the standard boilerplate and accepted the EULA.

It was time to Click :image

Gave the install program permission and away it went.  Then it was time to click finish and… nothing… no restart needed.  It might have been nice to have a “Start Excel” after install option but hey, it worked.  Fired up Excel and now I get:


So now what?  Yes there are instructions but I want to see if it is fairly intuitive.  I click on the PowerPivot tab and look at my options.


Mostly greyed out and there isn’t a “new” or “create” item so my guess would be “PowerPivot Window”.  A new Window opens up with the “Get External Data” section.  So far so good.


So, back to my 39 mil record table.


Definitely SQL Server.  Gave it the Server Name and chose to use windows authentication, then selected the particular db to use.


Good to go…


Accepted the default, chose the table and went on to Finish.

After 30 seconds…


and a few minutes later…


Pretty cool.  I’ll stop with this and continue on with the next Snack.

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