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CareerBuilder? Vielka, Ashely and Xyla want me…huh?

The following is being brought to you by “Mr. Max Man”, “Canadian Pharmacy” and the little blue pill they love to advertise…



Hello Vielka…  So you want me to be a


and you wish me the best of luck…yet how come your link would send me to:



“frangrincellproperties”?  Huh?  Where’s the route through CB?  But wait, there’s more…

Now Ashely want’s in on the act…


Hey Vielka, Ashely has you beat, even if she spells Ashley a different way…


Yes Sir!  A CAO, or is that COW?

Xyla, now there’s an interesting name…


Xyla’s got an


Xyla?  You should talk to Ashely, she finds the better positions

More strangeness on the link side of things…


Oh crud, Amazon wants to reset my password…


But, wait a second?  Amazons? You mean there is more than one?  Well heck, better jump right on that one.

Foursquare?  I kinda, sorta use that app…

However, the email this came to is not associated with Foursquare…


Not sure who Morwen is but… another funny link to another bogus place…



There was lots of junk this time around.  Stuff that is in many ways tempting to the average bear but should never be responded to.  It just amazes me the stuff folks push out to try and trap you.  Rant rant rant

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