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Dramastically and other such words…

This certainly falls under the heading of – must write blog – and is suitably tagged “RANT”.



Made up of course.  Specifically that combination of Drastic and Dramatic.  Now comes the inevitable question.  How to use it in a sentence.  What forms?  What about the roots, Dramatic and Drastic? 

Both are adjectives so, that would imply that dramstically is an adjective.

Working definition? 


1. sudden and marked: large in degree or scale, and often occurring with surprising suddenness
"a dramatic jump in prices"
2. striking: bold, vivid, or strikingly impressive in appearance, color, or effect
"a dramatic view of the Alps"
3. exciting and intense: characterized, in real life or in art, by the kind of intense and gripping excitement, startling suddenness, or larger-than-life impressiveness associated with drama and the theater
"the dramatic rescue of the survivors at sea"
4. for theater: written for the theater, or relating to the theater, plays, or acting
5. having powerful expressive voice: having a powerful singing voice especially suited to the expression of intense emotion, e.g. in tragic or villainous roles in opera
"a dramatic tenor"



1. powerful in effect: having a powerful effect or far-reaching consequences
"a crisis calling for drastic measures"
2. very marked: very noticeable, significant, and usually worrying because of its amount or degree
"drastic budget cuts"



“The situation turned dramastically worse.  The computers froze, the fire alarm went off and the sprinklers all kicked on at the same time.  There was no way to disarm the bomb.”


Ok, I think that situation falls under dramastically.  Sudden and marked things happened all at once.   The effect would be powerful and the result would be very noticeable.

I suppose this could be turned into:

“The situation turned dramastically worse.” –> “The situation turned dramatic and worsened dramatically.


Ok, the fee fi and fo fum blog note is done.  It’s Friday! Yay!

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  1. May 27, 2012 at 2:50 AM

    Dramasticate: To engage in hyperbole (or chew really tough steak)

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