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Junk Mail…

Every so often I like to take a trip down the junk mail folder to see what stuff made it to may email account and was trapped by rule or filter.

In a way, it’s also a contact management strategy.  Good email does end up as junk from time to time so checking to make sure s a good thing.

Some of this stuff is toxic for your computer…

Even if it appears to be from a valid source…

It seems any more that Canada is the source for all things pharmaceutical.


I’m sure the text of the email assure me that it will arrive in a plain brown wrapper…


Why? I ask why do I want to view photos of middle aged folks?  Plenty enough of that on social media sites…and if the photos are for “other” sites.  That would be just TMI.

New & Used autos going fast?

Maybe legit, maybe not but I would tent towards the “not” side of the coin. You open it up, and it looks legit, you get hooked because you really really want that <<your favorite car>>!  You can get it too, CHEAP! 

These cars move REALLY REALLY fast so we’ll need you bank account and routing number to secure the down payment and not loose the deal…


We’ll need a $300 deposit, refundable at time of purchase…

Ya right…


A few more for ya…

I’ve heard the term Xanax and I’m sure it does something or keeps something in a strong form for an extended period of time.  If the period exceeds 6 hours?  What?  Are you kidding me?  No details needed…

What is an ORANGE MasterCard?  It’s not BLUE?  Ok, poor choice that.    But puh-lease…

Two gifts with purchase…  loss leader, junk they couldn’t give away?  No thankee.

Intermixed with the adds and junk were a couple of nuggets possibly worth looking at.  Then it was time to delete the folder to keep it to a manageable roar!

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