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It’s a Wednesday Twofer…Two Two… Two rants in one…

Well really a separate post but the same day.  That counts… right?


Drum Roll Please!




I get it…

Living in a place with a lot of trees, reception can suck at times.


OK, my bad, trees I can’t help…


But when I pay for a 3 year agreement, I expect some discount, n’est-çe pas? 




Wait, that’s another story, this is a more current affair.  But hey, buying the three years got me squat!  nada! No way José

Now for the rest of the story…

Sirius, in their infinite wisdom sent out a little code (maybe similar to “my little friend” eh?) that terminated my radio.


Yessum, dead, denied and Kaput!


Did I miss pay?  No…


Was their a valid explanation as to why this happened?  No…


Did I get adequately compensated for having to sit out in a HOT FREAKING car to reset the service?  No…

Did the suppose…eddddd tone sent out reset it the first time?  No…

Did I have to call back and get it sent out again? Yes!!!!


Page 2

There phone computer, did not understand simple answers.  A simple Yes, Call, Service spoken word should have been sufficient when those words only existed AT THE START OF ONLY ONE MENU OPTION.  But now, you had to say the exact menu phrase!  FAIL.


So, here’s the final tally 0-5 where 5 is awesome and 0 is well ZERO


  • Sirius as a price safe choice – 2 (buyer beware)
  • Sirius as a reliable service – 4 (in honesty, I wanted to say 0 but reality it’s a 4)
  • Sirius for customer service (people) – 4  the techs were helpful
  • Sirius for customer service (infrastructure) – 0 big fail all the way
    So out of a possible 20 points, Sirius Radio scores a 10.  Hmmm… 50%… FAIL. 
      Sorry Charlie, only tasty tuna gets to be Starkist™….
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