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I’m going to retire!



I have an over due inheritance fund!!!


Maybe, I’ll just have to ignore it’s from test….@…

I mean it is from Nigeria.

I think I’ll ignore that the wording is a little stilted…it is from Nigeria after all.

Did I mention it was from Nigeria?image


It even has come through the favor of God.

I really like the fact that I no longer have to pay the other people who were helping me out…

Its just got to be legit.  There’s an email address and everything.

But wait, there’s this:


$70k, wow.

At least he has a direct line to the FBI director.

Again, Nigeria.


A little more from our good friend…

He says to go to Agent Fred walter(capitalization just as it appears in the note).  Blah blah blah…

This is a newish tactic by the nefarious doers of evil…  First, the “Stop paying these guys…”

Then, it really was cheap!  Under $500 dollars…for millions…

Finally, the FBI is here so it must be legit right?

Didn’t mom and dad teach you not to take candy from strangers?  Money, candy, same thing.

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