Long time no write, time for some insights…

Been reading a lot of inspirational books lately and you can add to that Magazine articles that my best friend has been handing off.  Hey it’s a lot of good information.  Sometimes it’s a psychology today article.  Other times it’s a book about a startups and running one.   


I think the hardest job is to take a company from ground zero (or maybe ground negative) and turn the sucker around in a short time to catch the wave of opportunity that abounds in the industry you’re are targeting.

Have I lost you yet?  I often start in the middle of a subject then fill in the details. Winking smile


I think having watched “Pulp Fiction” to many times has impacted my ability to converse…

It’s all good.  Plus having a digression checker never hurt.  So please, just go with the flow, I’ll get it all covered by the end.

I love playing poker.  Sure, it’s gambling but it is also a game of skill and psychology.  You can play your cards or you can play the person.  If you play your cards, and do it well, you won’t be the Big winner but you should have a reasonable play.  If you want to win, and win big, you have to play the player.  You may have heard the saying that “any hand can win”.  It’s all about strategy.  Poker, Holdem included, is all about playing the table.  Controlling your responses is first.  Hey if you can’t minimize your ”tells” a better player will take your bank.  If you can utilize your “tells” to first establish a pattern then change it up, you stand a much better chance of cashing in.  The same thing applies to Business.  A great book on start up mentality is “All In Startup” by Diana Kander.  This book portrays a really good concept.  But it really does come down to being all in. 


Are you committed?  We all have outside commitments.  Are you someone who can jump into a startup situation and deal with the requirements?  There is a reason that most relationships don’t survive a startup.  One or the other has to give.  Can your significant other really deal with the fact that you’ll be working 18 hour days for a stretch?  What, 18 hour days? You must be mad!!!!  It’s a Mad Mad Mad world buddies… Winking smile

Ok, here’s the why…

You’ve got a hot idea

It’s a hot market

The window is open only for so long

How do you meet those requirements?

Well first, back to “All In Startup” and why you should read it.  It comes back to addressing that “hot idea”.  The bottom line is that you may feel you have the killer app but does it really address a potential customer’s Migraine.  “Migraine”?  Isn’t that just a headache?  No, it’s a headache of massive impact.  That is what you have to solve.  Sure you product may be the cat’s meow but if it doesn’t address anyone’s migraine it will not go very far.  Ok, you argue, hey, my app is hot and it will solve x.  Everyone hate’s dealing with x so my app is totally cool.  I’m not saying that there isn’t a market for x but that’s kinda like being the killer rock guitar player that is finally discovered in a back ally bar.  It happens but the odds are stacked against ya.  It’s much better to be a mediocre player with connections… but that is another story.  I’ve got them but this is not the place Smile.


Anyway, read the book.  It’s advice is beyond the scope here but it is well worth it.

Add in “Hold Me Tight” by Dr. Sue Johnson.  Now here you are going to ask me why is a relationship book important in a business context?  Everything is connected.  Any relationship has all sorts of aspect but the concept of establishing connections is key.  You have to connect.  This book will give you insight into the whole aspect of connections plus where you might be missing the boat both personally and professionally.

Have I wandered too far off topic?  I don’t think so.  These things I’ve talked about have played a key role in the whole startup experience.

You have to be prepared for both the stress, the ability to set your own tone and goals plus getting your team on board.


You are going to have players of every stripe and you need a mix.


What if you had a pro team of all the best stars?  Well, without the members that do the mundane and ordinary, your “stars” will find it challenging to achieve their high level of performance.  You need the routine, mundane, day to day operations covered before you let your “stars” loose on the world.


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Originally, this was a pretty darn boring post. Kinda like... Well I won't go there. Perhaps its still on the robotic side but... I could say I like music. Safe, generic and non-comittal. Or, I could say that I've been having a blast tuning up my old guitars, getting blisters on my fingers and turning the amp up past 2. Amazaing what a little overdrive and a half pressed wahwah pedal can do for a sound. Get that cool "Money for Nothin" vibe happening. I get a real kick out of reading old Sci Fi. Reading Asimov's vision about the future is really entertaining now. When he wrote much of the material, the items that were futuristic were day to day tools I used in the early part of my career. Microfiche and the like. I also remember that upstart Microsoft and MS DOS...and can you say Lotus 123? So maybe this is a little better than "I like to read and play music". My career is focused on Team Leadership and Technology. Both share the attributes of continual growth and education. Currently, I manage a team of 4 programmers as direct reports. I've been in this role since 08/2007. Prior to that, I was the team lead (on site) for integration with the customer. Customers ranged from local government to manufacturing and medical. Teams ranged in size from one to six additional team members. On the other side is technology. I've been keeping current with .net technologies focusing on C# and Sharepoint (2007/2010). Specialties Team Building and Management Technical Staff Recruiting Microsoft Visual Studio 7 through 2010 (VB.NET and C#.NET) Microsoft SQL Server 6.5-2008R2 (DTS, TSQL, SSIS, SSAS, and SSRS ) SharePoint 2010 (Office Integration, InfoPath, Site Management and planning) Windows Server 2008 R2 AD DS PowerShell Techology analysis Puchasng and working with vendors Microsoft licensing management and compliance Business Systems Analysis Traning plans Mentoring Training coordination.

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