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Azure Touch and Windows 10

A new paradigm, yes? nO? Well, that depends on your point of view…this is mine.

My older PC is giving up the ghost.  Sure, it does still provide value but reliability is key in what I do.  What do I do? I design software from an object approach.  So, a reliable computer is key…and the inspiration for this blog.

So, what could a new

Computer do for me?

Well, I hear that Windows 10 is tuned for the cloud.

My company’s product is tuned for the cloud.

Guess the Azure interface is the next step…so I’ve been ploughing through with older versions of Windows.  Granted, it’s 8.1 but 10 is a new paradigm.  Touch, keys…ummm

for those  of us keyed into ctrl-key combos…MS..Please Keep ’em around.


Ok, using the Azure portal, Data Factories and all, I have a rather large table structure to propagate into my azure db using a daily incremental change using data factories.

Designed to do it…

Not a problem…yes???

Herein lies the dilemma…

touch screen, mouse, all painful

If you are accurate, with your finger, you have a chance of toggling a check box to checked, if you hit it just right.

Screens, accuracy, all play a role.

perhaps a less restrictive response on a check box where the default is, when selected, then checked = true.  Having that in place would save me hours of effort.

So there you go…

Ok update…

ok, if you are accurate with mouse placement, the dbl click on the pad, works as expected.




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