Andre is originally from California but has been in Oregon long enough to have webbed feet.  He enjoys creative pursuits (cooking, playing music and photography).  An experienced technologist, he is adept at using tools available to solve problems.  While the Microsoft stack and pc technologies are his primary focus he has also spent time working with mainframe systems and technologies. 

He is an accomplished team leader having success with both informal teams and formal management roles. 

His accomplishments include;

  • Successful POC data warehouse implementations with RMLS, Norm Thompson Outfitters, ODOT and the City of Corvallis
  • Design and construction of both single and multi-user business tool applications that reduced bottle necks and improved workflow for business users and clients.
  • Encouraging community involvement – at RMLS, community involvement was virtually non-existent and now team members regularly attend user groups monthly.
  • Bringing in business/technological opportunities – through involvement with local groups and Microsoft ICAB, and Microsoft Tech-Ed he was able to procure RMLS’s involvement with the Windows 2012 Server beta and TAP program. 
  • Working with teams at Microsoft to provide input and feedback on several tools including PowerShell Explorer, Windows Server Cloud Backup and C++ 2012 image apps.
  • Volunteering for events like Code Camp and SQL Saturday.

The primary focus of his career has been solving problems with the toolset at hand.  Having worked both as a contractor and consultant, he’s never quite sure what tool set and resources he’ll have access to.    He is able to overcome those obstacles and provide meaningful and successful outcomes.

Skill Set:

SQL Server 6.5 to present

  • T-SQL
  • Stored Procedure Tuning
  • DTS and SSIS
  • SSRS

  • BTeQ Scripts
  • TPump and Fast Load

  • Windows Script
  • PowerShell
  • JavaScript
  • VB-Script
Programming Languages

  • C#
  • VB
  • Cobol
DeskTop Apps

  • Microsoft Suite
  • Excel and Access Automation
  • SharePoint Developer
Other Environments

  • Focus
  • Paradox
  • ObjectStar
  • Olivanova (MDA)
Server Technologies

  • Active Directory
  • SharePoint 2010 Administration
  • Windows Server 2012
Team Skills

  • Mentoring
  • Training Plans
  • Interviewing



  • Presenting

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