New Facebook password and other absurdities…

A slew of emails started showing up today with:


in the header.

I’m getting these at work.

I don’t use Facebook from work

I don’t use my work email for Facebook

Three strikes you’re out?

You betchum!

So if you see an email (hey! this could be coming to a valid email account, you know, one associated with Facebook?) that looks kind of like this:


You can bet something is off.  First the email address:


Then a little closer inspection:

Drugstorepillstabs?  .ru?  Sure<heavy dripping sarcasm>, this is legit?  Just another in a long series of CRAP of fishing, phishing and trying all sorts of misdirection to fool you.  Sheesh!

Ning Who? Do you have any Nings? No? Scammin’ along on moonlit bay…

Here we have it… another rounding twist of the popular phishing expedition.  I get this email…


So very nice.

They want to help me…

But who’s Ning?

Why do I need this help?

Was I trying to do this in my sleep?

Ok, Sarcasm aside… the whole email looks like..


So, it seems to be pretty well written.  Nothing really glaring.  Everything looks ok except the Sneaky Link…


When you take a closer look at “Login to Your Account” you get…



Sounds like a Pharmacy scam to me.