Photo Stories

Shuttlecraft at sunset
STS1 Sunset Photo Opportunity

STS1 at Sunset Taken at Cape Canaveral 12 hours before launch. This was a special event provided to the press. A small group was taken out to the gantry for a photo opportunity. It was amazing to watch the Shuttle roll out on the platform. I think the top speed was three miles an hour. It was a beautiful evening in Florida. The night before, the launch was scrubbed due to wind. This was taken with an Olympus OM10 using Kodak Ektachome 64 with a 50mm lens. For this project, I also had 500mm and a 200mm lenses. This image was scanned from an 11×14 picture that was created in 1978.

Light Year Rehearsal, Venice CA 1978

This picture was taken in one shot using an Olympus OM10, Olympus 200 zoom and kodak ektachrome 64 film. Using a long exposure I was able to zoom stop three times during the exposure. Jon was playing while I took the photo. The location was the bands rehersal studio and was lit by a single 100watt bulb and an open door to provide the additional light.



Multnomah Falls, Oregon

This shot was taken in the fall with a Nikon D90, f/16 at 38mm @ 1/6th sec. exposure.


Mount Hood from Parkdale, Oregon

This shot was taken on 10/10/09 with a Nikon D90, f13 at 1/320th sec, at 105mm