You might wonder why?

Why post about letters that are bogus?  I mean, why on earth would the United Nations be concerned with little old me?


Somehow, I just don’t think is going to get me to the UN and again I ask, why is the UN looking to me? Don’t worry there’s more…


Somehow, “Beneficiary of HUGE Funds…” just doesn’t ring true.  If you’ve seen the movie, “Captain Ron”,just picture Martin Short saying “Huge difference!” and you get the picture.

Now, I did start this out by asking the question, more or less of why the bother?  While I might find this letter somewhat amusing, there are folks out there who might be taken in by this…  ‘nuff said.

Besides, this one is so over the top it is funny…


28.5 million, that’s amazing…

I really like that it will happen FAST. Hey they missed an exclamation opportunity here (FAST!!!).

Not to rhyme with fast but at LAST, we get to the meat of the matter, we need to mail Freddy (by the way, I love how his email changed from to bank account and stuff.

I’m sure that second the email is sent, disaster would befall my financial situation…


I really love this line:



Effectuate, now that is an interesting word.

Its been around since 1580.  Somehow though, the combination of All Hands On Deck and Effectuate just doesn’t seem to work…

I’m going to retire!



I have an over due inheritance fund!!!


Maybe, I’ll just have to ignore it’s from test….@…

I mean it is from Nigeria.

I think I’ll ignore that the wording is a little stilted…it is from Nigeria after all.

Did I mention it was from Nigeria?image


It even has come through the favor of God.

I really like the fact that I no longer have to pay the other people who were helping me out…

Its just got to be legit.  There’s an email address and everything.

But wait, there’s this:


$70k, wow.

At least he has a direct line to the FBI director.

Again, Nigeria.


A little more from our good friend…

He says to go to Agent Fred walter(capitalization just as it appears in the note).  Blah blah blah…

This is a newish tactic by the nefarious doers of evil…  First, the “Stop paying these guys…”

Then, it really was cheap!  Under $500 dollars…for millions…

Finally, the FBI is here so it must be legit right?

Didn’t mom and dad teach you not to take candy from strangers?  Money, candy, same thing.

It’s a Wednesday Twofer…Two Two… Two rants in one…

Well really a separate post but the same day.  That counts… right?


Drum Roll Please!




I get it…

Living in a place with a lot of trees, reception can suck at times.


OK, my bad, trees I can’t help…


But when I pay for a 3 year agreement, I expect some discount, n’est-çe pas? 




Wait, that’s another story, this is a more current affair.  But hey, buying the three years got me squat!  nada! No way José

Now for the rest of the story…

Sirius, in their infinite wisdom sent out a little code (maybe similar to “my little friend” eh?) that terminated my radio.


Yessum, dead, denied and Kaput!


Did I miss pay?  No…


Was their a valid explanation as to why this happened?  No…


Did I get adequately compensated for having to sit out in a HOT FREAKING car to reset the service?  No…

Did the suppose…eddddd tone sent out reset it the first time?  No…

Did I have to call back and get it sent out again? Yes!!!!


Page 2

There phone computer, did not understand simple answers.  A simple Yes, Call, Service spoken word should have been sufficient when those words only existed AT THE START OF ONLY ONE MENU OPTION.  But now, you had to say the exact menu phrase!  FAIL.


So, here’s the final tally 0-5 where 5 is awesome and 0 is well ZERO


  • Sirius as a price safe choice – 2 (buyer beware)
  • Sirius as a reliable service – 4 (in honesty, I wanted to say 0 but reality it’s a 4)
  • Sirius for customer service (people) – 4  the techs were helpful
  • Sirius for customer service (infrastructure) – 0 big fail all the way
    So out of a possible 20 points, Sirius Radio scores a 10.  Hmmm… 50%… FAIL. 
      Sorry Charlie, only tasty tuna gets to be Starkist™….

    Good Morning Blog…sphere…or whatever!!!

    Been really busy but a job change will do that do ya.  For all of my many followers (2 now, right?) it’s time for a RANT.  Weeeeeee hawwwwwwwwwwww!

    Ok, well, the last one for this local at any rate. 

    First, say it with me, JUNK MAIL AND SPAM


    Ol’ Gwenny here has desires…


    This bit of mail just doesn’t make a lick of sense.  She wants me to be healthy.  To become healthy, I need to buy some freaking jewelry by Andreas.  For my Loved one?  How is that going to make me healthy? 

    Does it matter?  I’m sure clicking on the link puts some nastiness on my computer anyway.

    Canadian Pharmacy Open For Business

    Now, my doctor and I have an agreement

    If I need a prescription SNAGHTML521c951he’ll write it out…  Heck, I can even drive to Canada if the prices are really cheaper.  So why would I need, discreet packaging?  Confidential Ordering?  Next day delivery?




    No clue?  Realy?


    What I really wan to know, is how is satisfaction measured by satisfied customers? 


    A firm 6 hour commitment?  Barumppump!


    Help!  Facebook is on fire!


    I’m not sure but a Led Zeppelin tune “Living Loving Maid” pops into my head with this one.


    Love Facebook or hate it, the message here misses the target.  I mean, and you know who you are, you’ve already checked your smart phone, and know all the activity that has happened.  If your not that person, you’re probably on the other end of the spectrum going… “So bleeping what”.  Substitute “bleeping” for your favorite phrase.


    If you actually clicked on the link, then… I’m sorry for your computer.  As you can see, the link goes no where near Facebook…


    Up Load?  More like “Up yours…”


    Well, that’s it from the mind of me…

    Remember that commercial?  “From the Mind of Minolta”  Late 70s I think.  It constantly amazes me that this stuff still gets play.  Of course, I’m pretty black and white with email myself.  80% goes right to the crapper out of the shoot.  The few important ones get reviewed.

    The old adage “If it sounds too good to be true…”  guess what?  It’s just as true today as it was then.

    Bye for now…

    Junk Mail…

    Every so often I like to take a trip down the junk mail folder to see what stuff made it to may email account and was trapped by rule or filter.

    In a way, it’s also a contact management strategy.  Good email does end up as junk from time to time so checking to make sure s a good thing.

    Some of this stuff is toxic for your computer…

    Even if it appears to be from a valid source…

    It seems any more that Canada is the source for all things pharmaceutical.


    I’m sure the text of the email assure me that it will arrive in a plain brown wrapper…


    Why? I ask why do I want to view photos of middle aged folks?  Plenty enough of that on social media sites…and if the photos are for “other” sites.  That would be just TMI.

    New & Used autos going fast?

    Maybe legit, maybe not but I would tent towards the “not” side of the coin. You open it up, and it looks legit, you get hooked because you really really want that <<your favorite car>>!  You can get it too, CHEAP! 

    These cars move REALLY REALLY fast so we’ll need you bank account and routing number to secure the down payment and not loose the deal…


    We’ll need a $300 deposit, refundable at time of purchase…

    Ya right…


    A few more for ya…

    I’ve heard the term Xanax and I’m sure it does something or keeps something in a strong form for an extended period of time.  If the period exceeds 6 hours?  What?  Are you kidding me?  No details needed…

    What is an ORANGE MasterCard?  It’s not BLUE?  Ok, poor choice that.    But puh-lease…

    Two gifts with purchase…  loss leader, junk they couldn’t give away?  No thankee.

    Intermixed with the adds and junk were a couple of nuggets possibly worth looking at.  Then it was time to delete the folder to keep it to a manageable roar!

    Dramastically and other such words…

    This certainly falls under the heading of – must write blog – and is suitably tagged “RANT”.



    Made up of course.  Specifically that combination of Drastic and Dramatic.  Now comes the inevitable question.  How to use it in a sentence.  What forms?  What about the roots, Dramatic and Drastic? 

    Both are adjectives so, that would imply that dramstically is an adjective.

    Working definition? 


    1. sudden and marked: large in degree or scale, and often occurring with surprising suddenness
    "a dramatic jump in prices"
    2. striking: bold, vivid, or strikingly impressive in appearance, color, or effect
    "a dramatic view of the Alps"
    3. exciting and intense: characterized, in real life or in art, by the kind of intense and gripping excitement, startling suddenness, or larger-than-life impressiveness associated with drama and the theater
    "the dramatic rescue of the survivors at sea"
    4. for theater: written for the theater, or relating to the theater, plays, or acting
    5. having powerful expressive voice: having a powerful singing voice especially suited to the expression of intense emotion, e.g. in tragic or villainous roles in opera
    "a dramatic tenor"



    1. powerful in effect: having a powerful effect or far-reaching consequences
    "a crisis calling for drastic measures"
    2. very marked: very noticeable, significant, and usually worrying because of its amount or degree
    "drastic budget cuts"



    “The situation turned dramastically worse.  The computers froze, the fire alarm went off and the sprinklers all kicked on at the same time.  There was no way to disarm the bomb.”


    Ok, I think that situation falls under dramastically.  Sudden and marked things happened all at once.   The effect would be powerful and the result would be very noticeable.

    I suppose this could be turned into:

    “The situation turned dramastically worse.” –> “The situation turned dramatic and worsened dramatically.


    Ok, the fee fi and fo fum blog note is done.  It’s Friday! Yay!