You might wonder why?

Why post about letters that are bogus?  I mean, why on earth would the United Nations be concerned with little old me?


Somehow, I just don’t think is going to get me to the UN and again I ask, why is the UN looking to me? Don’t worry there’s more…


Somehow, “Beneficiary of HUGE Funds…” just doesn’t ring true.  If you’ve seen the movie, “Captain Ron”,just picture Martin Short saying “Huge difference!” and you get the picture.

Now, I did start this out by asking the question, more or less of why the bother?  While I might find this letter somewhat amusing, there are folks out there who might be taken in by this…  ‘nuff said.

Besides, this one is so over the top it is funny…


28.5 million, that’s amazing…

I really like that it will happen FAST. Hey they missed an exclamation opportunity here (FAST!!!).

Not to rhyme with fast but at LAST, we get to the meat of the matter, we need to mail Freddy (by the way, I love how his email changed from to bank account and stuff.

I’m sure that second the email is sent, disaster would befall my financial situation…


I really love this line:



Effectuate, now that is an interesting word.

Its been around since 1580.  Somehow though, the combination of All Hands On Deck and Effectuate just doesn’t seem to work…

Ning Who? Do you have any Nings? No? Scammin’ along on moonlit bay…

Here we have it… another rounding twist of the popular phishing expedition.  I get this email…


So very nice.

They want to help me…

But who’s Ning?

Why do I need this help?

Was I trying to do this in my sleep?

Ok, Sarcasm aside… the whole email looks like..


So, it seems to be pretty well written.  Nothing really glaring.  Everything looks ok except the Sneaky Link…


When you take a closer look at “Login to Your Account” you get…



Sounds like a Pharmacy scam to me.